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drakoshorty: Like I said, Sci-Fi
But I don’t know which system might be the best
anastasianikolina: Which are you most comfortable with? Which would best accommodate your setting?
Those are what I ask myself.
drakoshorty: I was thinking of D20 Future with Pathfinder rules
anastasianikolina: That would work. I love PF system rules.
drakoshorty: So, ok, 2nd lvl Human from the D20 Future classes
Classes are in the D20 Modern book)
anastasianikolina: Kk
I have to close up the center, but I will start on it when I get home. :)
Where will I be starting? I don’t want to make a student on an oil rig.
drakoshorty: You were just promoted to an officer in the Earth Alliance Army
anastasianikolina: Okay. So I was enlisted prior to that?
drakoshorty: Yes
You should be around 20-23 years old
anastasianikolina: Kk
anastasianikolina: Home.
drakoshorty: Cool
anastasianikolina: Point buy or roll for stats?
drakoshorty: Point buy, do 30
anastasianikolina: kk
I have to look up the d20 stuff, too. It’s been awhile.
drakoshorty: Do you have the books?
anastasianikolina: I do, but it’s probably easier to navigate online.
drakoshorty: Not true, there is one website I’ve found and they don’t have the future stuff
anastasianikolina: Well, shit.
Let me look.
drakoshorty: Yes?
anastasianikolina: I have the books.
drakoshorty: Ah
anastasianikolina: Should I lean towards one “MOS” more than another?
drakoshorty: MOS?
anastasianikolina: It’s the job title you’re given in the army. So, Jeff was a 35E, which is a radio mechanic.
Or radar. I can’t remember now.
Should I be leaning towards a support role or a fighting one?
I’m torn between Fast Hero and Smart Hero. That’s why I’m asking.
drakoshorty: Tactician-y fighter type
You have two levels, you could do one of each
anastasianikolina: True that.
What tech level?
drakoshorty: 8
anastasianikolina: kk
drakoshorty: So you are the youngest soldier in the Earth Alliance to be promoted to Lieutenanent
Here are the ranks in order
anastasianikolina: kk
What did I do to earn the promotion?
drakoshorty: Good question
Give me a sec
anastasianikolina: kk
drakoshorty: You were promoted to Lieutenant after your squadron was assaulted by an army of Wreavers, you fought hard and led your squadron to victory over the course of a week of being entrenched in the ruins of old Chicago. Your squad leader was taken out by stray missile shrapnel and you were forced to take command.
How old are you?
anastasianikolina: I’m going to say I’m 20.
Like, crazy young for the event.
drakoshorty: You should be 21
Cause then this could have been at 18, and then three years later the Earth Alliance signs a peace treaty with the Wreavers
That’s what they look like, btw
Without wings
anastasianikolina: Okay.
What was the war like before the treaty?
drakoshorty: Devastating, some major cities were destroyed, one in particular was Chicago, it was a big deal and that added even more importance to your stand off
anastasianikolina: So, was there a clear “loser” in this treaty?
drakoshorty: No, Both races lost about the same amount of soldiers, The Wreavers have a smaller population but were much harder to kill.
They also only reproduce about once a decade, so their numbers have always stayed small
anastasianikolina: Is there any any-Wreaver sentiment already around?
drakoshorty: I’m doing research to come up with some alien races
anastasianikolina: kk
drakoshorty: any-Wreaver?
anastasianikolina: anti*
drakoshorty: Yes, absolutely, a lot of people who don’t think there should be peace, being unable to get past the destruction of their cities, even though humans did the same thing
You would actually have been asked your opinion of the treaty
anastasianikolina: It would depend on how that battle I was in went. How many people we lost. Who intigated.
drakoshorty: From what you remember, it was your squad leader who initiated and you lost about three people and managed to kill off two of them
anastasianikolina: Then I would be neutral to the treaty. Peace is more important than grudges. Losing those people wasn’t so that we could just keep losing more.
drakoshorty: Your opinion on that would have really helped in keeping the treaty strong
anastasianikolina: Wow. I probably wouldn’t tell anyone, but that would surprise me.
drakoshorty: Like I said, your stand off was huge in the news for weeks
So, Humans know about 9 other races in
There are Serian, Kell, Skrill, Protean, Valderan, Sidonians, Mellach, Feronian, and Wreavers
I have pictures for all of them
Those are in order
anastasianikolina: So, I’m like a war hero that’s still working.
drakoshorty: Kind of
anastasianikolina: Fuck the Valderan in particular.
drakoshorty: Why?
The only other soldier you know of that was a huge deal is Deckard who is your idol, she was involved in ending the previous war between Humans and Skrill
anastasianikolina: I don’t like more than two legs.
drakoshorty: AH, unrelated)
anastasianikolina: My character wouldn’t have an issue w them.
drakoshorty: Ok
anastasianikolina: Cute fish. haha
drakoshorty: Lol
anastasianikolina: Working on her now.
drakoshorty: Everyone travels around the known universe using special warp gates called Deep Wells that were created by the now extinct Thorians
They all lead to a central hub called the Omega Citadel, and from there, you can warp to any other connected Wells
anastasianikolina: Do they ever get damaged?
drakoshorty: You only know of one time that a well was damaged and it was when you were younger, but the Proteans repaired it
There are 20 Wells that have been discovered so far
anastasianikolina: Okay. So the technology is able to be repaired then.
How did we meet all of these aliens?
drakoshorty: 400 Years ago, when the Humans developed space travel and set out the first exploration unit, they stumbled upon a Deep Well and figured out how to activate it after a lot of trial and error, the other nine races had already discovered each other when the Humans suddenly appeared at the Omega Citadel
I’m super excited to do this
They were treated with a cautious welcome and have for a long time been on the bottom rung of authority; however, after the successful victories against some of the higher up races, they have proven themselves reliable and tough
anastasianikolina: (Is this based on a universe or made up? Don’t tell me which one if it’s not made up.)
drakoshorty: It is heavily inspired
But most of the alien races are made up based on pictures I have found
anastasianikolina: Sweet. :) You have to come up with cultures. I am more than willing to game while making my character. :D
drakoshorty: Yeah, I will be working on that
So, the year is 2586, and you have just been stationed on Earth, in London, after coming back from leave. You are startled and surprised to find yourself under the command of Samantha Deckard, your idol and inspiration to join the military.
Do you have a description of your character?
anastasianikolina: 5’4", 120 lbs, black hair that’s short, and grey eyes. Pale and with a serious expression usually.
Am I under her direct command?
Or is there a chain between her and I.
drakoshorty: You are the leader of Delta Squad, under Major Levin and then the Commander
anastasianikolina: Alright. What’s Delta Squad’s mission? Or purpose?
drakoshorty: Deckard is about 5’5"-5’6" with mid-length Dark Brown hair that looks black from afar, and she has dark grey eyes as well
As of right now, you are doing training, the squadron is a new group and you are working together in training to get in sync and learn to work as a team
The Commander is observing you all, wearing her battle armor that bears the three lines along her right arm indicating her existence within the Earth Alliances Special Forces
The Sun hits it’s Zenith while you train on your fifth day. You have only ever spoken in brief conversation with Deckard
anastasianikolina: I do my absolute best. Am I in command of anyone? Or simply one of many in the squad?
drakoshorty: Command of the Squad
anastasianikolina: Oh shit.
drakoshorty: As you are giving orders and working with your men (& women), you hear something overhead
anastasianikolina: So then I would be doing my 110% best to get this group working well together.
What does it sound like?
drakoshorty: It sounds like thrusters, harsh and sharp to the ear
anastasianikolina: Look up.
drakoshorty: Everyone looks up at the same time to see a massive spaceship materialize out nowhere and suddenly the air is filled with smaller ships, the ships seem to shift and move organically, but are definitely metallic
They crash into the Earth around you and out pour large monsters on all four, made of a flexible metal, they rush across the ground with incredible haste
anastasianikolina: Do they look like a threat?
drakoshorty: The Commander begins shouting orders to have everyone grab their weapons
anastasianikolina: Oh yeah, they do. I yell out “To arms! Form up!”
drakoshorty: She goes over and grabs a sword and a pulse rifle and begins firing on them
anastasianikolina: Move so that I’m able to get them into a central location and grab my weapon.
drakoshorty: All of the soldiers begin firing, getting behind cover
anastasianikolina: Use my weapon to give anyone cover who is still trying to get their weapons.
drakoshorty: Out of the swarm of aliens, a huge one, big with a blue light emanating from it’s core
It rises up on it’s hind legs and roars, shrill and metallic and then charges forward
Deckard fires on the oncoming aliens until the Blue gets closer and she grabs her sword and begins clashing with the huge one
She swings with a great ferocity and speed, enhanced by her armor
anastasianikolina: Are my guys holding their own against the smaller ones?
drakoshorty: Yes)
anastasianikolina: I would look quickly.
Then I fire on the big one to try and help her out.
Get to a closer piece of cover to continue.
drakoshorty: You hear a cry of anger and pain as you turn to fire, she has been impaled through the chest by the Blue’s massive claws
It lifts her into the sky and she swings her blade around to lop off it’s arm
anastasianikolina: Clench my teeth, enraged, and aim for the blue core of it.
drakoshorty: She collapses to the ground and somehow manages to get up before she is smashed against the ground, she brings the blade up to slash at it’s back as you fire and the Blue explodes with intense energy, you are blown away and your vision blurs as you see the Commander ripped apart by the Force
anastasianikolina: I’d be screaming, totally pissed.
drakoshorty: Your head smacks against the ground and your vision begins to go black as you see a massive beam of metal shoot from the mother ship and strike the earth, it rips into the ground and causes an explosion of force that rips through you all over again
You feel as if every muscle in your body is being ripped apart and you hear a scream escape your throat that you can’t control, fire burns through your flesh and you feel yourself being torn apart before your vision blackens fully
anastasianikolina: Well fuck.
drakoshorty: Fuck, indeed
anastasianikolina: :)
drakoshorty: Moments later you awaken, pain searing through your entire body and your blurred vision burns from a bright light “She isn’t ready yet….why did she awaken? Put her under again.”
You feel your body being forced back to sleep
Another moment seems to pass and you awaken again, this time your body is just sore and you can tell that quiet some time has passed
anastasianikolina: Can I move? Open my eyes?
drakoshorty: Your eyes open painfully, as if you’ve never done this before and you see the same painful bright light
anastasianikolina: Moan, if I’m able. And close them again.
But still try to move.
drakoshorty: You are
Your body resists your movements with soarness, but you are able to sit up
As your vision focuses again, you find yourself in a pure white room filled with medical equipment
anastasianikolina: Look around for someone.
Anyone at all, actually.
drakoshorty: As you look around, you hear a sound followed by a robotic voice “Good Morning Commander, How do you feel?”
anastasianikolina: Look towards the sound. “Awful. Where’s Deckard?”
drakoshorty: You don’t hear a reply and a few moments later the door behind you opens and you hear a woman’s voice “Commander, you’ve awoken. The Admiral requests an Audience, there are clothes in the locker to your left.”
anastasianikolina: I nod, and get up, carefully.
“Who was just in here?”
drakoshorty: “That was our AI. She assists with all medical procedures.”
anastasianikolina: I nod. “Where’s Deckard?”
Get to my locker and begin to dress. Still carefully.
drakoshorty: “The Admiral will answer any questions you may have.”
You’re extremely soar, but the clothes actually make you feel more comfortable
She nods to you “Follow me.”
anastasianikolina: Run my hands through my hair to make it decent.
“How long was I out?”
drakoshorty: She looks back at you and you see her deciding what to tell you “A month.”
anastasianikolina: Gape, “What the f… a month?”
drakoshorty: “Your…injuries were severe, it took a lot of work.”
She leads you through halls and finally ends at a door, she puts her hand near the sensor and the door opens and she turns to her “He’s inside.”
anastasianikolina: Nod, still looking troubled, “Thank you.”
Step inside.
drakoshorty: The doors shut behind you and an old man stands up from behind his desk
He turns to you "Lieutenant, it is good to find you awake
anastasianikolina: Stand at attention
drakoshorty: “At ease.”
anastasianikolina: I would salute him before I go to at ease. “It is good to be alive, sir.”
Look ahead.
drakoshorty: Roll Wisdom
anastasianikolina: 21, nat 20)
drakoshorty: Right, so you realize that this is the first time since you woke up that someone has called you Lieutenant instead of Commander
anastasianikolina: Swallow and try to not look concerned when I realize that.
drakoshorty: “Sit and I will explain.”
anastasianikolina: I sit in a nearby chair. Uneasy. But disciplined.
drakoshorty: He sits across from you “I will be frank Lt, the reason you were asleep for so long was not due to injury, you were dead.”
He looks completely serious
anastasianikolina: Swallow and don’t hide my shock. I look down, working to keep composure. “Sir, if I … was killed … what happened to Commander Deckard?” I work very hard to not get sick from emotion.
drakoshorty: “We have yet to find her remains. When the mimics attacked, they completed the first assault with a Kinetic Bombardment using a metal similar to our own Tungsten. It ripped apart the earth and scattered everything within miles. We searched the wreckage of London for weeks searching for Deckard’s body and found yours. You were so similar in body size, and shape that the scientists believed you to be her. They brought you here to this facility and began the Lazarus Experiment to bring you back. It became apparent immediately that they were wrong, but there were only enough resources to do this experiment once.”
anastasianikolina: Look stricken at that knowledge. Don’t look up.
Work to keep calm. “Sir, can we … get more resources?”
drakoshorty: “The Commander is a symbol of hope and inspiration to the army, if news of her death were to get out, people would lose hope. That is why we are initiating Operation Valiant Guardian, in the event of the Commander’s death, we will have a look-alike pretend to be her for public appearances. You are a little shorter, but it is negligible.” He pulls up a screen that has scans of a suit of armor designed for you that looks like her suit “We may be able to mass the resources, but it will take time…In the meantime, the mimics still attack and the soldiers need some hope.”
anastasianikolina: Look up, slightly horrified, “Sir … I don’t know what to tell them.”
drakoshorty: He nods “We have a script, we just need you to be the face….in a sense. Your armor comes equipped with a helmet, and you will keep this up.”
anastasianikolina: Nod, numb, “My squad … did any of them make it?”
drakoshorty: “There are many who know what the Commander’s face and one look at you, they will know you are not she.”
He turns to you “No one survived the assault of London.”
anastasianikolina: Look back down, still trying to keep composure, and nod my understanding.
drakoshorty: “We have a press conference tomorrow morning, for now, we have a suite set up for you.” He presses a button and two soldiers walk in Ensigns Levin and Redding will escort you to your suite."
anastasianikolina: Stand, “Yes, sir.” Salute again, and get my stoic face back on.
drakoshorty: They walk with you, taking you down the hall
Roll Wisdom again
anastasianikolina: 15
drakoshorty: One of the Ensign’s has the same name as the Major
anastasianikolina: I don’t say anything. Do they look in any way similar?
drakoshorty: Yes, you imagine brothers
anastasianikolina: (yeah, I scrolled up to check)
Then I very much do not say anything.
drakoshorty: They take you further down the hall and then turn to a door “Your suite Commander.”
Levin opens the door for you
anastasianikolina: “Thank you, Ensign.” I would not shy away from his look, or Redding’s either. I nod to them both.
drakoshorty: They both nod
anastasianikolina: Do they both look like they’re in on the entire Operation? They know who I am, but they say Commander due to protocol?
drakoshorty: Roll Sense Motive
anastasianikolina: 18
drakoshorty: They do
Levin looks at you and you can tell he is aware of what happened to his brother, and then he shuts the door once you’re inside
anastasianikolina: Look down once the door is closed, and cover my face with one hand.
drakoshorty: The room is fairly large and comfortable with a large bed and a computer display
anastasianikolina: Lock the door.
drakoshorty: When you go to, nothing happens
anastasianikolina: I go to the bathroom.
It won’t lock?
drakoshorty: The sensor doesn’t register you
anastasianikolina: “Computer.”
drakoshorty: “Yes Commander.”
anastasianikolina: “Lock the door.”
drakoshorty: “The door is already locked.”
anastasianikolina: “Right.” I say it more to myself. Then, I go to the bathroom. Examine my body, taking off the uniform, looking for scars. Evidence of what happened to me.
drakoshorty: There are scars all throughout your skin, white and fully healed, they web out from multiple points of origin, all the places where the pain first originated
anastasianikolina: Touch them softly, fascinated and allowing myself to process what’s happened. My face?
drakoshorty: Your face has one scar that goes from your cheek, webbing out
The AI chimes in “Your scars are not permanent, not all of them.”
anastasianikolina: Is there a bathtub? I would start some bath water. “Tell me about the process used to bring me back.”
drakoshorty: There is
The AI begins explaining that first they injected your body with enzymes that brought life back to your cells, the human body is not strong enough to survive that process normally, so they had to apply cybernetic implants along core sections of your body to continuously inject your body with the enzymes. Then they went through the process of regenerating your flesh and skin, you spent the first two weeks in a tank of the enzyme. Then the next two weeks were just regular recovery, the beginning of the second two weeks was when you woke the first time."
anastasianikolina: “Did they find out why I woke that time?”
drakoshorty: She informs you that the implants are also injecting your body with a healing agent that will heal the scars over time, and it will take you three more weeks before your body can stay alive without the enzymes
“This was the only attempt they’ve ever done and many things they were uncertain of, this is one of them.”
anastasianikolina: Nod. “Where are the implants located? I need to know where I’m most vulnerable.”
drakoshorty: There is one in each leg between the Vastus Lateralis and Rectus Femoris Muscles. One in each arm between the Posterier Deltoids and Bicep Brachii, and one in your chest between the lungs."
anastasianikolina: I nod again. “Where was my consciousness kept while my body wasn’t under the effects of the enzymes?”
Get into the tub, very warm bath.
drakoshorty: “I do not know.”
anastasianikolina: Sigh. “AI, do you have a name or a call number?” (I can’t remember OOC)
drakoshorty: They didn’t give one
anastasianikolina: (When is your bedtime?)
drakoshorty: "I do not have a name, the scientists did not deem it necessary
Within the next half hour
anastasianikolina: “I see. Would you like one? You’re my only companion at the moment.”
“Humans are more comfortable with names. I’m sure you know.”
drakoshorty: It doesn’t reply for several moments “I would like that.”
anastasianikolina: “Do you have any preferences? You should get first pick at any name you might have.”
drakoshorty: “I do not.”
anastasianikolina: “Then, I’ll call you Gordon.”
drakoshorty: Oh, it’s female)
I don’t know if I said that or not
It sound female at least)
anastasianikolina: “Then, I’ll call you Jordon.”
drakoshorty: Nice)
“Very well.”
“Is there anything else you would like to know?”
anastasianikolina: “Jordon, Are you able to research data and report it back to me? Or are you solely able to give me information on my medical process?”
drakoshorty: “I may be able to find what you need, anything you have been cleared to know will be available on your computer.”
anastasianikolina: “Ah, I see. Nevermind then. I’ll poke around on my own. Good night, Jordon.”
drakoshorty: What’s your name?
anastasianikolina: Good question. Hold please.
Aoife O’Conner (pronounced Ee-fah. The anglicized version is Eva)
drakoshorty: Jesus
“Good night Lieutenant O’Conner.”
anastasianikolina: Smile at that, small. Like it’s an assertion of who I am.
I soak for awhile, wash my hair, dry off and drain the tub, and then go to bed. Make sure my uniform is ready for the next day. Set my alarm. I don’t look at the computer yet.
drakoshorty: Sleep takes you quickly and you dream of that moment when you watched the destruction of London in front of you
anastasianikolina: Try to wake myself up from that if I can.
drakoshorty: You awake, drenched in sweat
anastasianikolina: Sit up and breathe.
drakoshorty: It takes a bit to calm down
anastasianikolina: “Computer. Lights.”
drakoshorty: Your lights ebb on slowly and soon the room is lit
anastasianikolina: I lay back down to sleep once they’re on, trying to just calm myself.
drakoshorty: This time sleep takes a while to come on, but you are able to sleep eventually
You do not dream again that night and then you are awoken by your alarm
anastasianikolina: Get up and turn it off and stretch.
Go into the bathroom and wash my face. Brush my teeth, try not to look at my face too much.
drakoshorty: Jordon chimes in to inform you that the conference is in three hours
anastasianikolina: “Thank you, Jordon.” Would I feel hungry yet?
drakoshorty: Yes
anastasianikolina: “Jordon, where is some place to eat here?”
drakoshorty: “I can have food brought to you.”
anastasianikolina: “That will work. I’m sure they don’t want me wandering.”
drakoshorty: “That is true.”
anastasianikolina: “I don’t need anything too fancy. I guess some yogurt with extra protein and some fruit.”
drakoshorty: “It will be here momentarily.”
anastasianikolina: Make sure I’m at least mostly clothed and sit down at the computer and open it. “Thank you, Jordon.”
drakoshorty: “You are welcome.”
anastasianikolina: “What was the original creation of the Lazarus Project? Was it originally created for Deckard?”
drakoshorty: The screen comes to life
anastasianikolina: While I’m asking Jordon that, I log in with my official credentials.
As Ltn O’Conner.
drakoshorty: The computer chimes up as you log in
“The Lazarus project was designed for Deckard in the event of her death.”
anastasianikolina: “Did she know about it?”
Start looking up tactical information on the attack on London.
drakoshorty: “The Commander was aware. She did not like it, but she agreed that it may be necessary.”
You find a lot, detailing how the mimic mothership had made it’s way to Earth with no warnings
anastasianikolina: “Did she ever make an official statement of her opinion?”
drakoshorty: “The Lazarus project was Classified.”
anastasianikolina: Study up on the mimics as well.
“Well, shit. How much did she not like it?”
drakoshorty: “She did not believe it to be moral, she was worried that she would not be her full self if she came back.”
anastasianikolina: Rub my face.
drakoshorty: You begin to realize after reading it that they came through the Deep Well near Earth, but the fact that no one knew about it is what puzzles you
anastasianikolina: Do we have surveillance of that Deep Well?
drakoshorty: Yes
anastasianikolina: Try to pull it up for the moments before the attack.
drakoshorty: It shows the Well and then several seconds pass and you see nothing, roll Perception
anastasianikolina: (None of my classes includes spot or listen. fyi)
drakoshorty: What are your classes?
anastasianikolina: Fast Hero and Smart Hero.
drakoshorty: Smart has Search
So, give yourself perceptio
anastasianikolina: (If you want me to put points in Perc, I totally will.) 21
drakoshorty: You notice something off with the video
anastasianikolina: Frown. Slow it down, frame by frame.
drakoshorty: How are you having it played?
anastasianikolina: On the computer. I was looking at it in real time at first. When I see it’s off, I slow it down by 50%.
drakoshorty: You don’t see it again, do you replay the video?
anastasianikolina: Yes
drakoshorty: As it plays, you see the thing that caught your attention, for just a millisecond, you see a skip in the video
anastasianikolina: Stop it as soon as I see it, and then click backward, frame by frame, leaning forward.
drakoshorty: You get to the skip, and you see the clear outline of something exiting the Well, and then the skip is over
anastasianikolina: “How the fuck did they not see this?” Breathe it. Screen capture that frame.
drakoshorty: It saves for you


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