Ltn Aoife O'Conner

All business, no play, O'Conner seeks perfection in herself


Black hair, grey eyes, 5’4", 120 pounds.


Born in the year 2565 in Dublin, Aoife is the last in her line. Her mother’s side boasts a proud heritage on the island going back almost a thousand years, and speculation is that it might be more. However, she broke tradition by marrying a Scot and settling down in Dublin instead of keeping herself tucked away in County Cork.

Aoife is the rugged accumulation of being the surviving child from her family that originally was a family of 5. Born the youngest, her two older brothers were 8 and 3 years older than her, approximately, and she was protected and sheltered as a result. However, when the war grew more desperate, the younger brother, Bram was killed only a month after being deployed. It hit the whole family, but the worst was her father. He had been closest to Bram, and the tension was tangible. Eóin, the oldest, left to fight that year, determined to avenge his brother. He was in for two years before Aoife enlisted. While she was in basic training, he was killed while defending a human civilian station.

As the only remaining child, Aoife kept her standards high, wanting to prove the family name. In a raging battle over the Ruins of Chicago, she did just that, managing to become the youngest lieutenant of her time.

As of the time of game play, she is still the only surviving child of her family. After her father’s death due to grief, she stands to be the only surviving O’Conner once her mother passes on.

Red Hands

Battle of Old Chicago

Assault of London and the Mimics

Operation Valiant Guardian

Lazarus Project

Ltn Aoife O'Conner

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