Deep Wells and Omega Citidel

Omega Citadel:

Deep Well:

Central Deep Well:

200 years ago, when humans traveled out of the Milky Way Galaxy, they discovered a massive ring of metal floating in space, it had a power source attached to it and they were able to eventually figure out how to operate it. It erupted to life and they sent a scouting team through, on the other side they discovered a Huge Space Station filled with other races. They discovered that the ring is called a Deep Well and it allows space travel between different galaxies. They all lead to the Central Hub called the Omega Citadel. The Deep Wells were created by an extinct race called Thorians. There are 20 discovered Wells, but this a theory that there are many more.

Known Races

Assault of London and the Mimics

Deep Wells and Omega Citidel

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