Lazarus Project

Operation Valiant Guardian

3 years after the end of the Skrill War, the Earth Alliance Army began work on a scientific process to revive dead soldiers. They quickly began to realize that it would be expensive to be able to use more than once or twice and changed their plans. They instead focused on resurrecting one soldier, Commander Deckard. In the event of her death, if it was deemed necessary, they would use the Lazarus Project to bring her back to life. When the Rebellion began, they informed her of their plan and she expressed her disapproval. She agreed that it may be necessary; However, she believed that it would bring her back as less than what she was.

After the Invasion of London by the Mimics, Commander Deckard and Lieutenant O’Conner were killed along with the entirety of the Volunteers. Admiral Hyland sent him recovery team out to find her remains. They discovered human remains that they mistook for Deckard’s body and inadvertently brought O’Conner’s remains back to revive.

The Experiment first involved injecting a massive dose of enzymes that kickstart the body. O’Conner’s body was unable to stay alive with the single dose alone, so they had to attach implants in each leg between the Vastus Lateralis and Rectus Femoris Muscles, and one in each arm between the Posterier Deltoids and Bicep Brachii, and one in the chest between the lungs. O’Conner was then plunged into a tank of the Enzymes to stimulate muscle and flesh growth. After two weeks, they removed her form the tank and allowed her body to begin healing normally. She woke in the middle of her third week and they had to put her back under.

She is later informed that the scarring on her body is being slowly healed and will be gone within a month or two as well as being told that in three weeks, she will be able to survive without constant injections of Enzyme.

Lazarus Project

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